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Version: 3.x

OpenTelemetry instrumentation

In this section, we will explore how to enable OpenTelemetry instrumentation when using KafkaFlow.

KafkaFlow includes support for Traces and Baggage signals using OpenTelemetry instrumentation.


You can find a sample on how to enable OpenTelemetry here.

Including OpenTelemetry instrumentation in your code

Add the package KafkaFlow.OpenTelemetry to the project and add the extension method AddOpenTelemetryInstrumentation in your configuration:

kafka => kafka

Once you have your .NET application instrumentation configured (see here), you just need to subscribe to the source KafkaFlow.OpenTelemetry that is accessible through a constant at KafkaFlowInstrumentation.ActivitySourceName.

Using .NET Automatic Instrumentation

When using .NET automatic instrumentation, the KafkaFlow activity can be captured by including the ActivitySource name KafkaFlow.OpenTelemetry as a parameter to the variable OTEL_DOTNET_AUTO_TRACES_ADDITIONAL_SOURCES.


KafkaFlow uses Propagation, the mechanism that moves context information data between services and processes. When a message is produced using a KafkaFlow producer and consumed by a KafkaFlow consumer, the context will automatically be propagated.