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Version: 3.x

Introduction to KafkaFlow

⚡️ KafkaFlow was designed to build .NET applications on top of Apache Kafka in a simple and maintainable way.

🏗 Built on top of Confluent Kafka Client.

🔌 Extensible by design.

Get started building by installing KafkaFlow or following our Quickstart.


Our goal is to empower you to build event-driven applications on top of Apache Kafka. To do that, KafkaFlow gives you access to features like:

  • Multi-threaded consumer with message order guarantee.
  • Middlewares support for producing and consuming messages.
  • Support topics with different message types.
  • Consumers with many topics.
  • Serializer middleware with ApacheAvro, ProtoBuf and Json algorithms.
  • Schema Registry support.
  • Compression using native Confluent Kafka client compression or compressor middleware.
  • Global Events Subcription for message production and consumption.
  • OpenTelemetry Instrumentation for traces and baggage signals.
  • Graceful shutdown (wait to finish processing to shutdown).
  • Store offset when processing ends, avoiding message loss.
  • Supports .NET Core and .NET Framework.
  • Can be used with any dependency injection framework (see here).
  • Fluent configuration.
  • Admin Web API that allows pause, resume and restart consumers, change workers count, and rewind offsets, all at runtime.
  • Dashboard UI that allows to visualize of relevant information about all consumers and managing them.

Join the community

  • GitHub: For new feature requests, bug reporting or contributing with your own pull request.
  • Slack: The place to be if you want to ask questions or share ideas.
  • Stack Overflow: The best place to start if you have a question.

Something missing here?

If you have suggestions to improve the documentation, please send us a new issue.


KafkaFlow is a free and open source project, released under the permissible MIT license.